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What is Medical Acupuncture?

Although they came from the same origins, Medical Acupuncture is very different than the acupuncture of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Medical Acupuncture is the meeting of modern medicine with the wisdom of ancient medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine relies on the existence of mythical energy meridians that are supposed to travel throughout the body. This is combined with tradition and folklore and a diagnostic method that more often than not relies on observing the patients tongue and taking a pulse.

Medical Acupuncture is based on the neuroanatomy vascular anatomy and the structural make-up of the patient. Through clinical research each traditional acupuncture point has been scrutinized and its function evaluated. Only those points with a known effect are used. Medical Acupuncture does not rely on special formulas of traditional points. Instead, each patient is a clean slate and the acupuncturist maps out a treatment plan based on the patient needs.

Dr. Petty has helped in the treatment of hundreds of animals using acupuncture for pain, neurological issues, digestive disorders, allergies, chronic ear infections, and much much more.



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